We're not outside the world... We are the world. We're its language. So we live and it lives. You see? If we don't say the words, what is there in our world?

Ursula K. Le Guin
The Telling (2000)


Citizens of the English Language
Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Postcolonial India
— 2022
Master's thesis that examines the enduring colonial legacy of English in India. The study describes how this once-foreign language has since splintered into a vibrant spectrum of World Englishes, shaping contemporary notions of citizenship, technology, and education.

Archival Research, Postcolonial Critique, Writing

Ganga Jamuna Market
— The Urdu Project
Nomadic art bazaar crafted into the trunk of a bespoke car, designed to instigate dialogue on language, identity, and cultural heritage as it traversed New Delhi’s post-Partition migrant colonies.

Urban Intervention, Mixed-media Art Installation, Archival Research

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