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Prateek Shankar is a strategic designer, writer, and educator working to address critical issues at the intersection of language, systems transition design, social justice, and decoloniality. LEARN MORE

We're not outside the world... We are the world. We're its language. So we live and it lives. You see? If we don't say the words, what is there in our world?Ursula K. Le Guin

Polycene Design Manual
— RISD Center for Complexity
    Horizon 2045
The Polycene Design Manual is an attempt to articulate a design standard to negotiate "big picture" systemic challenges like health care, education, and climate change.

This draft design manual is an archive of essays, activities, and project outcomes that have emerged from Horizon 2045 and RISD Center for Complexity’s exploration of the Polycene — our proposed framing for an aspirational geological epoch where stewardship replaces dominion, and mastery is redefined as a balanced coexistence with the natural world. It encourages a multiplicity of approaches, ethical considerations, and community engagements to address the complex challenges we face in whats been termed the ‘polycrisis’.

The poroject is funded by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and The Skoll Foundation, under phase 2 of Horizon 2045.

Strategic Design, Foresight, Planetary Futures, Decolonization

Worlding Englishes
— RISD Research
Worlding Englishes is an upcoming repository of the different varieties of English spoken aroundt he world. Ensivioned as a living archive of these World Englishes, the digital project intends to complicate ideas of linguistic standardization, nativity, and “appropriateness”, among other ethnoracial traces of British colonialism.

Housed digitally, the archive will contain an open and searchable archive of World English speech samples, meta-commentary and reflections from individual contributors on their experiences with these linguistic registers, along with an evolving body of digital and physical thinking-art objects and experiences that invite audiences to contemplate and play with the contemporary uses and avatars of English.

The project is funded by the Rhode Island School of Design through the SPUR Fund

Mixed-media Installation, Digital Humanities, Decolonization

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